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Booking a place to stay with is really simple. Use the search box to find a town - peruse the bed and breakfast accommodation, even sort them by price, choose your B&B. From the list of B&Bs you have 3 choices - Make a Direct Booking (visit the B&Bs website), make a General Enquiry or check out Canada Bed and Breakfast Reviews.

When you book, you will be given a 'Booking Reference Number'. You can check the status of you booking request at any time by clicking the button above or on the Canadian B&Bs website.

book B&B direct supports the 'Book Direct' campaign. By booking with the B&Bs on this website you are supporting them directly, helping them provide the best value with the added benefits of no double booking, no commission or booking fees, last minute deals & the best rates.

Canada consists of 10 provinces and 3 territories. It is multicultural and officially bilingual with English and French spoken. Major cities include: Ottawa - a beautiful city and the capital of Canada, in the fall don't miss Gatineau Park. Toronto - full of green spaces with more than 3 million tress, by far the largest city in Canada, famous for its Icewine. Montreal - a charming and comfortable city situated on an island, a must visit is the Olympic Park and Biodome. Vancouver - a year round mild climate, highest proportion (per capita) of Asians in North America, hence superb Oriental restaurants. Calgary - a winter sport destination, gateway to the Rocky Mountains, barmy summers and cold winters. Traveling across Canada from east to west takes you though an ever changing landscape, with each mile displaying its own unique beauty. It's impossible to see Canada in just 1 or 2 weeks, stay as long as you can, and you're welcome to return at any time.