Inn Keeping and Teaching: Juggling Two Careers

November 28th, 2015

There are multiple things that we dream of becoming in our early years. Fortunately, we are living in an age where second careers are becoming more and more common. Nowadays, not only is it possible to do two jobs, but it is also beneficial. Having two jobs allows you to understand people better, learn how to lead, build relationships with those of diverse backgrounds, while also opening doors of ample opportunities for yourself. You could be one of the Rosarian Academy teachers at Rosarian Academy and you could also be the innkeeper at a bed and breakfast. There are many reasons why an innkeeper is an excellent second career for a teacher. We have detailed some of those for you below:

Inn Keeping and Teaching: Juggling Two Careers

Teachers and Innkeepers are Warm and Friendly

Teachers interact daily with a diverse group of people who they are not really familiar with initially. They form a personal connection with each one of their students to assess what the need the most to mentor their students. They are actively involved in the learning process, and they keep an open mind. Such social skills can be brought into the inn-keeping venture too. Innkeepers need to friendly. They need to be warm, caring and accessible to their customers and employees.

Teachers and Innkeepers are Patient and Persevering

Good teachers are always patient with their students, no matter how many times the teacher needs to explain something, or how many times the student makes mistakes. Being patient shows a sense of discipline in teachers that students are likely to imitate. Teachers can turn unruly, disobedient students into obedient once just by being gentle and persevering. This patience comes into play when one owns a bed and breakfast too, because an innkeeper’s job involves answering the same questions over and over each day, and they have to do it with a smile on their faces.

Teachers and Innkeepers are Educative and Entertaining

The best teachers make it a point to make the class both educative and entertaining—they make sure they teach the subject matter proficiently while keeping it fascinating for the students. Some teachers even bring in a sense of humor in their lessons and invite a few laughs while also having that authoritative air about them. When the class is interesting, managing the students becomes very easy. In the bed and breakfast business, it is important to have that charismatic and entertaining trait because innkeepers need to entertain a variety of people each day—even ones they do not like, and manage people skillfully.

Bottom Line

In an age where juggling two careers is not only feasibility but also beneficial, being a teacher and running a bed and breakfast is a good combination because teachers and innkeepers share many traits with one another. Good teachers are warm, accessible and friendly while also being patient, educative and entertaining in the same way that innkeepers are. Your career as a teacher will benefit you in your career as a bed and breakfast owner and vice versa.

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Choosing Bed and Breakfast over Hotels

November 18th, 2015

There is a possibility that you are going off to a place that you have always wanted to visit but at the same time, you do not want to spend too much money. What do you think are the things that you should do so that you can save?

Some of the usual options include booking your flight or at least your transportation ahead of time. Your itinerary must also be booked ahead of time, preferably online because you will be able to save more money this way. One of the best things that you can do so that you can save money is to make sure that you will opt for a bed and breakfast over hotels.

Choosing Bed and Breakfast over Hotels

Remember that when you are travelling around for work or for your own personal reasons, you have to make sure that you will choose the right bed and breakfast for you. There are so many that you can check out online. You have to know your preferences first before you choose. For instance, it’s looks like to choose between aluminum shutters products for windows, each shutter may look same but quality is different here good quality of shutter at Boardwalk as example. Some bed and breakfast may looks general between one hotel and another hotel, but chef experience and ingredients quality is major factor. Take this into consideration to be sure about what you may possibly expect.

Here are some of the great reasons why you should choose bed and breakfast over hotels:

  • You will feel like you are just at home but with a different feel.

When you are in hotels, you usually feel a bit stiff and formal because of the grand lobbies and also the smartly dressed people that you might come across with that are also guests at the hotel. You can expect that bed and breakfast places will feel more homely so you might feel just a bit more at ease. You may get to know more about bed and breakfast here.

  • You will surely have a great breakfast.

Why do you think is bed and breakfast named that way? This is because you will get a hearty breakfast when you wake up in the morning. Folks that facilitate bed and breakfast places know how important it is to have great breakfast in the morning because this will sustain the energy that you need throughout the day.

  • No need to spend too much just to feel comfortable.

How much do you usually have to pay for a small room in a hotel? You can be more comfortable and more at ease when you are in a bed and breakfast place wherein you may have a bigger room and you may have very familiar facilities that you will never grow tired of trying out. The money that you have to spend is always not as much as the money that you need to spend on hotels.

You also have to remember that bed and breakfast places will usually keep track of the things that you find important. For instance, if you have some food allergies, you can let them know about it ahead of time so that they will not serve you food that you cannot eat. If you are a vegetarian, they will also make changes with what they are going to serve you.

Planning a Relaxing Couple Getaway

September 28th, 2015

The hustle and bustle of the city can be really stressful on anyone, regardless of your profession. Whether you are married with children or a young couple just starting out, you need a couple of days to get away from everything and just relax. An enriching and relaxing vacation is not impossible to achieve. With some planning and even with just a little budget, you can be on your way to a refreshing short vacation.

Planning a Relaxing Couple Getaway

Compute your budget.

A vacation is always a lot easier to plan when you have a big budget but not everyone can afford a grand getaway. Fret not though, because you can still travel even with limited funds. It is very helpful to plan your budget ahead of time so that you can plan the whole trip according to what you can afford. Take some time to review your finances and write down every possible expense to have an idea of how much you need. If your savings is not enough , consider getting extra funding from other sources. Assess your tax returns early and maybe you can use your tax refunds for the trip.

Choose Bed & Breakfasts.

For a truly relaxing getaway, a nice accommodation is pretty important. Instead of the usual 5-star high-rise hotel buildings, go for small inns and Bed & Breakfasts. These types of accommodations will be a lot more quaint and cozy than hotels, offering better relaxation. Typically, these Bed & Breakfasts are also situated far from the city, where it is a lot more quiet and peaceful. You will be away from pollution, so the quality of the air that you breathe will even be better. This is especially nice if you are a city dweller. Getting away from that busy world will do your health some good.

Plan your itinerary.

While some travellers who are more adventurous would prefer an open itinerary, this can be a real hassle for others. If your trip’s purpose is more for relaxing than having thrilling, spontaneous adventures, it will be much better if you plan ahead. Make sure to book your rooms, massages and other activities before your vacation. Having everything ready and scheduled will take a big load off of your shoulders. This way, you won’t need to do anything else but relax and have fun on your trip.

Leave all your worries behind.

The whole idea of a relaxing trip will be completely ruined if you bring all your problems with you. This is why it is vital that you make a conscious decision to leave all your worries, stress and problems behind. If you are a couple who has been having relationship problems, it is very important that you both make this decision. Focus on positive energy during the trip and do not think of anything else other than relaxation, meditation and maybe even renewing your vows. While this can be a bit challenging for couples going through marriage problems, it is not impossible to do. If you commit to making this vacation worthwhile, it will definitely be worthwhile despite the troubles.

Working with a bookkeeper

July 30th, 2015

It is indeed a great and smart move to finally hire a bookkeeper. Now, you are able to focus and give more attention to making your business even bigger so as to generate more income. In getting starting to working with the bookkeepers, you need to ensure that you will get what you will be paying for. Below are some things you ought to know to establish a good relationship. Read more

Share your vision and your company’s vision.

To start with, tell him or her why you choose to have your business. Talk more about your products or services. You also need to be specific in telling why your offerings are unique from the others.

Working with a bookkeeper

Share the money side of you.

This means letting your newly hire how your books were taken care of in the past. Tell how you managed your books before.

Make sure that your worker is aware on exactly how you want the financial details should be explained.

You need to elaborate how you want to see the figures. It can be through email, spreadsheet or you want a personal explanation of the figures. You also need to be specific with your level of knowledge in the field of finance. This way, your bookkeeper will be able to communicate with you the way you would fully understand the information.

Protecting yourself

Since your bookkeeper would need to see and have access to your finances, you need to be able to make sure that he or she is trustworthy. You need to make a decision if you will provide him with online access or just send him duplicate copies. The majority of bookkeepers would like online access. This made it easier for them to do the books. However, it can also mean that they will have control of your money. So, it is best that you fully have a person to be trusted before giving all the sensitive information.

Other duties of bookkeeping

This can include signing checks on your behalf or paying the bills. You need to be clear with the instruction such as a ceiling on the amount to be paid.

Make sure that your accountant and bookkeeper is fully acquainted with one another.

If your accountant and bookkeeper have good working relationship, they can be able to give their best shot in serving you. It is best that once in a while like twice each year, you will have conference with these two people so as you will know exactly how the finances are doing.

Rates or pricing of the service

You are able to hire bookkeepers that accept hourly or monthly charges. You can select which among those will be able to match for your budget.

If you are new in the business field, ensure that your bookkeeper will be able to teach you with some of the basics in bookkeeping like reading reports. With such, you can be able to manage your business and finances properly

Things You Need To Start Your Own Bed and Breakfast

July 29th, 2015

These days, a lot of people are entering the world of business with the hope of earning huge profits and eventually getting a life that is financially free. But of course, just like anything else, running your own business, particularly of a bed and breakfast is not that easy as it requires a lot of planning and hard work to make it successful.

From researching your competition, to acquiring the required paperwork, to purchasing hundreds of necessary items, there are so many things that you need to accomplish when starting a new venture. This is not to mention the amount of time and money you need to spend in planning, setting-up, running, and maintaining it. But of course, knowing these things shouldn’t scare you as they are all part of success. After all, you don’t have to accomplish everything in a day. Running your own bed and breakfast, just like everything else, is a process. But there are some important things that you need to consider and get done to get started, and here are some:

The Necessary Documents

Before you open your own bed and breakfast, you have to get all the documents that are needed for it first. Every business owner is required to register his or her business and get all the necessary papers to legally operate, such as an employer identification number, license, permit, and tax records. The types of documents that you should get may vary depending on where you plan to build your business. Ask your local or state’s business authorities for requirements.

Bed and Breakfast

The Business Premises

Any decision that you make about your premises can make or break your business, so it’s very crucial to be cautious and wise. When it comes to business premises, getting the perfect location is a must. Remember to choose a location that is visible to your potential customers. In addition, you have to ensure that your establishment is safe from any potential threats. As a business owner, you would always want your customers and employees to feel safe and healthy at all times.

To achieve this, you have to ensure that you fully comply with all the health and safety regulations set by your local authority. The rules that you must follow will depend upon certain factors, such as your location and the size of your business. But typically, you will be required to install things like fire exits, fire alarms, emergency lighting, proper disposal, and good drainage systems, such as sump pumps. (If you’re looking for professional pump systems, try the ones that are offered by Ridgid. Ridgid sump pumps are submersible and quality made.)

The Marketing and Advertising Campaigns

Every business needs an effective marketing and advertising campaign. This will make your business visible to your potential customers, which eventually turns to huge sales and profits. To get started, you should first create a good logo and signage. These two things are very crucial as they will be the first things that people will see when you talk about your business. Of course, when you introduce your business to new customers, you want to make a good first impression. As they say, first impression lasts, so make it a good one. Your logo and signage should not only be attractive, but also something that will reflect the true identity of your business. If you’re not good with this or have no idea about it, hire someone who can help you with it.

Once you’ve created your official logo and signage, it’s time to work on other promotional materials, such as your brochures, flyers, and menus. In today’s technology world, you might also want to consider building your own website and other social media accounts to reach much more potential customers. If you’re not a techy person, you can always hire a web designer to build a website for your business. An effective marketing campaign can gain lots of revenues, attract loyal customers, and increase your business’ credibility.

So, there you have it! Of course, as mentioned, these are only some of the things that you need to consider to get started. Once your business is set, there are a lot more important things that you should pay attention to. But don’t worry as with careful planning, patience, and hard work, you’ll definitely make your business successful and finally get the life that you’re aiming for.

Establishment of SMSF in Australia

July 26th, 2015

SMSF or Self Managed Superannuation Funds is a DIY or do it yourself super fund.

Ways to create SMSF:

Before you create or look into creating your own self managed superannuation fund, you need to first be familiar with the reason of having one. This kind of investment can enable you to take control of your retirement funds. In addition, it can help in lowering the cost of managing your funds. With this, you are able to invest on the areas that you already have familiarity with. It can be in residential or commercial properties.

The Australian government already encouraged the working group of the population to increase their superannuation by means of sacrificing their salary as well as the concessional contribution to super. The objective of the government is to be able to lessen the welfare dependence for the retiring people and enable them to be self-sufficient when the time comes that they need to stop from working. Even so, their best intentions were undermined by the shortfall of budget revenue.


The government also made developments or alterations to the concessional contribution amount for those who are more than 50 years of age. It went from $50,000 to $25,000. This may not be the end of the said changes made since there can be other changes that can be implemented. Learn more at

The rules of concessional savings arrangement in long term are made to make sure that the assets of Super Fund will be accumulated for the retirement of the members. The regulations of the government enable funds transfer from one super to another or to SMSF.

Even though some of the situations can differ the rest would be defined as allowable structure of SMSF. These are:

  • The investment should have no more than 5 members.
  • The fund may have trustees yet a company that is formed should act as trustee.
  • All the members are the trustee company directors.
  • TFN and ABN is allocated by the ATO to the registered funds.
  • The ac of the bank under the trustee name will act for the SMSF will be created.
  • There can be rollover of the funds that can originate from the current super funds under the management to the SMSF.

The investment method is needed for the trust deeds. This can help to specify the plan that can achieve the investment objectives of the fund. It can help with the provision of the trustees with the guidelines that can help make a good decision for the investment of the members.

When the property is already identified and was compelled as proper investment, the PCT or property custodian trust can also be established. The PCT trustees would have to be a company and its members will serve as its directors. This process should be implemented so as to prevent the direct SMSF investment borrowing. The custodian trust would hold the property so as for the benefit of the members of the SMSF. The lender will have limited recourse of loan.

Bed and Breakfasts Downtown Toronto

January 16th, 2015

Garden Inn Toronto Suite

Toronto Garden Inn Bed and Breakfast– Here is something for history and art lovers this is one of the oldest historic Victorian building in Toronto. The individual rooms available are beautifully decorated with various antiques for a comforting and memorable stay. Cable TV is available; WIFI meets all your internet needs, best air conditioning and free local telephone calls. Located only 2km from the winery district and a few minutes’ walk to the Union train station and also the bus stage. Beverages and snacks are available at all times. This is the place to be for anybody visiting Toronto.

Iverness High Park Bed and Breakfast-This is home away from home, the shiny wooden finishes will give guests the homely atmosphere one requires for a relaxing time with family or friends the lash gardens gives one the natural feel while at the inn. Located 1 km from the high park and only 9 minutes’ drive to Lambton golf and country club, giving our guests a chance for recreational activities. Who wouldn’t want to take a stroll at the park? The rooms are well equipped with microwaves and fridges for our guests to use; the sumptuous breakfast is always organic to match with our atmosphere. Rooms are available in doubles and singles.

Rose garden Bed and Breakfast-A massage would be the best thing to have while relaxing at our rooms, this is available at a small surcharge.Flat screen TV available, proper air conditioning installed any time of the year is great to visit and rejuvenate at Rose garden bed and breakfast. The communal kitchen area is large enough and dining areas has tables to accommodate 6 people at a time. The balcony overlooks the most magnificent parts of Toronto. Shops and a mall are very near for your shopping needs. Depending on your preference King, Queen, Twin, Double rooms are available.

Down Town Home Inn bed and Breakfast-Listed among top 260 properties in Toronto you can be sure this is a top class but affordable place. Located 4kms from Wellesley train station and only 5minutes drive from University of Toronto it is very hard to miss Down Town Home Inn. The magnificent décor in every room is very inviting. Very comfortable work desks are available.Flatscreen TV meets your entertainment requirements as well as WIFI for the internet needs. Rooms with private as well as shared bathrooms are available. Space can be booked online and monitor our ratings and reviews online for quality assurance.

Elliot house bed and breakfast-Don’t want to leave your pet behind?

This is the perfect place for you. The pet friendly areas are available. The spacious private and shared bathrooms are features to note here.Hairdryer and toiletries are provided. Laundry facilities are available to make your stay as comfortable as possible. Visit us now only 4.1 Km from University of Toronto and 16Km from Toronto Pearson International Airport.

Cheap Bed and Breakfasts under 100/night in Toronto

January 16th, 2015

Bed & Breakfast

If you’ve chosen Toronto, Ontario as your vacation spot, then you have made the greatest decision ever. For this Canadian city have sights and spectacles to wow you like no other place on the planet. And the only thing even better than incredible scenery, it’s extremely cheap! This city allows you a trip of a lifetime without costing you your life’s worth. Read on to find out the best places to stay at that allow you to have an amazing time without cutting too deep into your pockets.

1. Making Waves Boatel: If the name didn’t do it, allow us to state it out for you: it’s located on an actual boat. In the actual sea. Well okay, not actual sea, but docked in the Toronto harbor on water nonetheless. This one-of-a-kind Toronto bed and breakfast is just the place to be if you want to have a pleasurable, memorable time at a very low cost. It is a seasonal bed and breakfast having spectacular views of Lake Ontario, Toronto city, the Toronto islands and the city centre. This BnB features cabins, not rooms, each with mahogany walls, cherry wood flooring and free Wi-Fi access, along with some cabins having a flat screen TV and a DVD player. There are 3 well-furnished decks as well as a common lounge area. It is extremely conveniently located, only a 7-minute walk away from Billy Bishop Airport and 15 minutes from Rogers Centre and Metro Toronto Convention Centre.

2. Dunn House Bed and Breakfast: This Toronto bed and breakfast is another easily accessible place of accommodation here, located only 16 km away from Toronto Pearson International Airport. What’s more, this B&B is located right in central Toronto, so that everyone and everything you want to see in the city is at shouting distance. The building itself gives one a whiff of archaic magnificence, having been built by the reputed architect George Millar in 1890. The beautiful structure is surrounded by just as spectacular a garden as well as a wraparound porch.check latest news at

Every room here is equipped with a flat screen cable TV, free Wi-Fi access and a shared bathroom with complimentary toiletries. There is also a shared lounge and a terrace for the guests to lay back and relax, and complimentary, mouth-watering breakfast is served to the guests, comprising most often of fair trade coffee, locally grown organic foods and freshly baked muffins and scones. About 4 km away from CN Tower and the University of Toronto and only about 1.5 km from BMO Field, this Toronto bed & breakfast can be relied upon to provide exceptional service at a very modest price.

3. Rose Garden Bed & Breakfast: Unlike other B&Bs that boasted of allowing a panoramic view of the city center, the Rose Garden Bed & Breakfast is actually located inside the city center itself. Located less than a km away from a subway station, thus enabling convenient reachability, the Rose Garden B&B is a multi-specialty Toronto bed & breakfast. Each room here enjoys air conditioning and heating facilities and includes a flat screen cable TV, with some even containing a DVD player. There is a communal kitchen as well as an impeccably furnished balcony for use by guests. One unique feature of this B&B is the availability of select spa services here. For instance, massages and a few other therapies are offered here at only a minor extra charge, whereas the sauna is open for all at absolutely no cost. This B&B is only a 15-minute walk from several restaurants, shops and Casa Loma.

Bed & Breakfast

4. Jacob 22 B&B: Reachable from the Wellesley Station light rail via just a straightforward 5-minute walk, this comfortable Toronto bed and breakfast is another beautiful structure housed in a Victorian styled building. The interiors too, are extremely Victorian-impresses, and give one a feeling of having returned to history as kings and queens in this mansion of sorts. Each room has been uniquely decorated, and has hardwood flooring, a separate coffee-making machine, a DVD player to each room and free Wi-Fi. There is also a common studio that comprises of a full kitchen and a magnificent fireplace for clients to curl up by, as well as a terrace, where you can lie on a lounger soaking the sun while also soaking in a book from the extensively maintained library here.

Guests can enjoy a scrumptious continental breakfast absolutely free of cost every morning, so that the start to their day is fantastic. Extremely reasonably priced, Jacob 22 B&B is also pretty close to several attractions like the Royal Ontario Museum, no more than a kilometer away.

Top 5 Bed and Breakfast in Vancouver

January 16th, 2015

Bed and Breakfast in Vancouver

Barclay house bed and breakfast-This is the coziest place in Vancouver a blend of modern and tradition is evident in almost every aspect of this Vancouver bed and breakfast. The beds are large with the Victorian style; the décor has a modern touch. The lighting in every room will give you the most comforting ambience you could ever have in a Vancouver bed and breakfast. A variety of beverages are available and at Barclay bed and breakfast you will never miss your coffee at any time of the day, a coffee maker is available in every room. China town is only 9 minutes from this Vancouver bed and breakfast, Stanley Park is also only 2KM away. With a total of 5 different rooms to choose from be sure to enjoy your stay at Barclay House bed and Breakfast.

Canada House bed and breakfast-Looking for a Vancouver bed and breakfast with fresh home baked breakfast items? Look no further, welcome to O Canada house. All beverages available and also freshly squeezed juices. Adventure is not far from this Vancouver bed and breakfast, helicopter tours, bike trails, wildlife viewing and hiking at Grouse Mountain which is just 7km away. A variety of rooms to choose from including one at a top floor for a proper view of Vancouver.Wifi, cable TV and air conditioned rooms are available for the best stay at this Vancouver bed and Breakfast. Visit us and let us give you the best experience of the very best of Vancouver bed and latest information at–extreme-cold-will-put-region-in-deep-freeze-30-c-wind-chill-forecast-wedesday/

Maple beach bed and breakfast-Maple trees surround this Vancouver bed and breakfast just like the name suggests. Beach enthusiasts Katsilano beach is only 7minutes away from this Vancouver bed and breakfast. Only 10 minutes’ walk to Vancouver city and public transport stage is 100 metres away. For marine lovers the Vancouver maritime museum is nearby. Our breakfast servings are second to none where we serve seasonal fruits and all the beverages. When visiting Vancouver for leisure or business come direct to this Vancouver bed and breakfast Maple beach bed and breakfast.

Suite dreams Vancouver Bed and Breakfast-Staying at this Vancouver suite can be sweet because all rooms are ensuite and tile floors are heated for maximum comfort. A Jacuzzi bath is available for an evening of relaxation and you enjoy some cool music from the piped music system installed. For maximum comfort of our guests a non-smoking allergy free areas are available. All areas are spotless clean and spacious including the storage cabinets. Choose a book for reading available in the shelves. Once in Vancouver enjoy these seamless services which include a full breakfast.

Bed and Breakfast in Vancouver

Granville house bed and breakfast-Want to have a relaxing lazy morning, or an early morning for hike or a business engagement? Then this Vancouver bed and breakfast will offer that .Granville house bed and breakfast has the longest hours of serving breakfast.Full breakfast is served from 5 a.m. to 11a.m every morning. This serves everyone right especially if you have kids on your stay, the junior rooms are the best with a private terrace where kids can play all day long.So bring your kids along to Granville house bed and breakfast be sure they will have fun, view other helpful information.

Top 18 Wine Testing Bed and Breakfast Near Niagara on The Lake Lakelands Bed and Breakfast

January 16th, 2015

Hoppy's Bed and Breakfast

This delightful Bed and Breakfast is arranged on a serene, beautiful road encompassed by trees and parkland. A short walk takes you to the middle of “Old Town” where there are displays, strength shops, restaurants, North America’s most seasoned Golf Course, and the acclaimed Shaw Festival Theater. The beautiful Niagara River Parkway and a large number of the Niagara-on-the-Lake wineries are inside a couple minutes’ drive or bicycle ride and these offer visits and tastings, a prevalent learning knowledge for a considerable lot of our visitors. It has three exquisitely delegated visitor rooms, each with its own private tempting lavatory, for your solace and pleasure.

Red Coach Inn

A standout amongst the most exceptional overnight boardinghouse resorts, The Red Coach Inn neglects Niagara’s grand Upper Rapids, only 500 yards from the verge of Niagara Falls – so close you can hear the thunder! The majority of our open Room and Two Bedroom Luxury Suites and numerous Guest Rooms have a staggering perspective of the Niagara River and Goat Island Park. All have whirlpool streamed tubs; some have gas chimneys and completely prepared kitchens. Our Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner visitors appreciate eating on the bloom laden yard in summer or by a thundering wood-blazing chimney in winter.

Niagara on the Lake Cottage Rental

Around 1871 Historic Cottage Rental is simply a couple minutes’ stroll to the Old Town focus. The 2 couch/2bathroom cabin emphasizes a full kitchen and has all the present day accommodations blended with the noteworthy feeling. Niagara house rental can suit from 2 to 6 visitors agreeably. The informal lodging knowledge we offer is a self serving mainland breakfast in your own particular private get-away convenience rental.visit this page for more details.

It is one of the best Niagara bargains regarding excursion rentals in Niagara district. Get spoiled with our Luxury High Four Poster Queen and King Size Beds, down filled duvets, pads, extravagance 100% Cotton Egyptian cloths, Cotton Turkish towels, and Lavender Spa Bath Amenities. Niagara Cottage offers a yard, deck, BBQ and is found on a bike way and wine course, just minutes to Niagara’s honor wineries, ranch markets, noteworthy Fort George, Niagara Falls and the Niagara Falls Casino. This Boutique Historic Cottage Rental is exceedingly prescribed by the majority of our visitors. Long and fleeting rental is accessible, throughout the entire year.

Post House Inn, around 1835

The Post House Inn, around 1835 has been a standout amongst the most wonderful center points for your informal lodging. Our restored home backings the Historical Romance Theme offering extravagance courtesies coupled with current needs. Ultra Masseur tub showers offer a champagne air pocket experience coupled with the object from olden times furniture warmed by the chimney. Breakfast choices incorporate Traditional, In Room or our most up to date Candlelight Breakfast for Two in the Historic Private Dining Room. Extravagance materials, towels, cleansers are all proposed to finish the sentiment. Our uncommon sentiment bundles can likewise be redone to address individual needs.

Down Home Bed and Breakfast

The house is arranged in the calm heart of the Old Town Niagara on the Lake, just four short squares from shops, craftsmanship exhibitions, theaters, and fine restaurants. It is placed on a treed gorge parcel ignoring One Mile Creek. Perfectly arranged, the arrangements incorporate a corkscrew willow tree, lake and waterfall. Sitting ranges incorporate the deck and in the strolling, sitting enclosure. We are satisfied to offer Romance, Fine Dining and Golf bundles and three unique Wine visits.

In Elegance

In the event that you are searching for a sentimental getaway, In Elegance is the privilege place for you. Niagara-on-the-Lake which is another Bed & Breakfast placed just few steps from Shaw Festival Theaters, a marina, fairways, a beguiling downtown and is in the heart of the wine nation, offers a quiet desert spring for you. This carefully delegated Georgian-style home has been assembled particularly to address the needs of B & B visitors. There are sitting regions, a lounge area and a yard for visitors to appreciate.

6 Oak Haven Bed & Breakfast

Found in a calm range of Niagara on the Lake, some piece of Old Town, inside strolling separation of the lake with excellent dusks, the Shaw Theater, restaurants and shops, trekking and biking cleared trails, wineries, golf and memorable visits. Offered with three beguiling and decently selected rooms with private showers, it is truly an amazing spot for Bed & Breakfast .Delightful arrangement with lake, waterfall and gazebo welcomes you to unwind. Also obviously, there are Christine’s astonishing breakfasts! Come as visitors, leave as companions. A warm welcome anticipates you from your hosts Christine and Dennis Risotto.

Hoppy’s Bed and Breakfast

Amitha & Terence (The Hoppys) We built our B & B in 2004 and keep on welcoming you and our returning visitors to our Ranch Style home. Occasional is the front entryway bolted. The home sits on a huge finished part in a desert spring of peacefulness. Hoppy a previous prepared Chef with a couple of honors, will set up your breakfast the route you like it. We were the first to present and still offer our mark Asian Fusion breakfast.check more information at

We additionally offer the standard Western Breakfasts. Appreciate the solaces of homeless the errands; Combine this with our certified cordiality and you have a B & B experience like no other. Likewise we have complimentary wine visit/tasting vouchers. Kindly request subtle elements when you arrive. Welcome home and appreciate your remain! If you don’t mind get some information about our single night supplementary charges.

Hoppy's Bed and Breakfast

John’s Gate Gourmet Bed and Breakfast

Midway placed and strolling separation to shops, restaurants, Spa, Theaters and a winery or two, John’s Gate Gourmet Bed and Breakfast is a standout amongst the most popular spots of attractions. Visitors appreciate a private passageway, eating and parlor with their own link LCDTV/DVD, bar-cooler, chimney, phone and free WIFI. All rooms have showers with toiletries, hairdryers, iron/pressing prepares to leave, digital TV/DVD, phones; his/hers wake up timers, Mp3/CD players and WIFI. The King room has a bar-ice chest.


Lake Lands bed and breakfast-Niagara on the lakes wineries is just a short bike ride away from Lake Lands; it is magnificently surrounded by trees and other park areas for refreshing walks and serenity. The culinary skills of the chefs are evident in the gourmet breakfasts served everyday. A short walk takes one to the shops, galleries, restaurants and old town area.

6 oak Haven bed and breakfast-Located in a quiet area of Niagara on the Lake,part of Old Town, within walking distance of the lake with beautiful sunsets, the Shaw Theatre,restaurants and shops, hiking and biking paved trails,wineries,golf and historic tours. Features three charming and well selected rooms with private baths. The garden has a pond which is so inviting for a moment of relaxation. Our staffs have the best guest relation skills and will definitely be your friends by the time you are leaving, find out more from

Apple Tree historic bed and breakfast-Feather beds and fabulous linen is what makes the stay more special. The bathrooms are newly designed and are sparkling with newness and cleanness. Breakfast is served with local fruits and baked goods. Honey mooners can also have a memorable time here just let us know when booking and we will prepare for you.

downhome-bed-and-breakfastDown home bed and breakfast-Located at the quiet heart of the Old Town Niagara on the Lake be sure to get an experience of your lifetime once you checkin.Wine tours available the wineries are ready for you. A variety of other attractions in the area like galleries, antique shops, bird watching for nature lovers, biking for the athletics enthusiasts and golfing for the calm sports people. Be sure the owners will be there to assist you with activity planning during your stay.

John’s gate Gourmet Bed and breakfast-You want some privacy during your stay? Then, look no further but John’s gate Gourmet our guests have a private entrance to the rooms. All rooms have ensuite baths and the common living areas and pieces to behold where strangers become friends. Wine tasting tours are arranged and different packages are available for this. Be sure to have an experience to remember.

Newark manor Bed and breakfast-Established in 1893 you can be sure this is a place to behold for your stay. The bike trail is just outside; the gardens are lash just like the well-manicured lawns and natural stairways in the garden. The beds are large cozy and very inviting, all rooms have private baths. The breakfast is carefully prepared and we serve for longer hours giving you that morning time prolonged sleep.

Hoppy’s bed and breakfast-The swimming pool is large, with a kids slide. An award winning chef Hoppy will prepare your breakfast every morning. Your pets also have a home at hoppy’s so bring them along.

The surroundings are great for leisure walks. Wine tasting must be in your itinerary when you visit.

Garden Inn Toronto Suite

Green Oaks bed and breakfast-This a very beautiful Victorian home 10 minutes from Niagara on the lake and 15minutes from Niagara falls. The vine yard is to behold as you walk for lunch or dinner. This is a great place for a relaxing casual stay .Breakfast includes fresh baked break, fresh fruits, pouched eggs, variety of other breakfast foods and beverages. Visit this website to get more information.

Dorchester house bed and breakfast-Want to be treated like a family friend visiting? Do not hesitate to check in at Dorchester house we have 3 different rooms to accommodate your needs all with private baths. Maps and coupons available for easy navigation and shopping. Book now for the warmest stay at Niagara on the lake.

Globe Trotters Bed and Breakfast/Gallery-This is the best place to be at Niagara on the lake with a gallery showcasing different art works at no extra cost. A few minutes from the Shaw festival theatres.We have incorporated rot iron to the beds and chest drawers are wooden for a complete Victorian feel.